MLB Network Names Denard Span’s Catch Against the Giants the 73rd Premier Play of the Year

MLB is now in their off-season programming mode, and one of those programs is to list the best plays of 2013.  Spans catch, which bailed Soriano from a blown save and won a game in August, made the list:

It was covered in detail on the MLB Network.  Not only did they include the Charlie and Dave’s broadcast on 106.7, but they included Harper reaction after the play just standing over Span and yelling.  Was this the play of the year for the Nats? It was a game saving play that required elite skill to accomplish.

MLB included the interview with Julie where she alerts him to the impending Gatorade bath and he moves faster than he does off the crack of the bat:

Then they actually went to a special MLB 360 graphic where they looked at how far Span had to cover to make the catch.  That play got more attention than any play on the two hour special including the #1 play, Ortiz’s homer against the Tigers.

What make the catch extra cool is that it happened right in-front of the Natitude sign.  I am sure the special will be in continuous loop throughout the off season.

Also the LaRoche hot shot grounder against the Dodgers was 64 “That ball caught LaRoche”.  While the list looks like it was intended to be a countdown, the Span play looked to be strategically placed in the countdown as a tent pole in the first hour.

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