Does Anyone Go To Nats Park?


It’s looks like it.  But official attendance last night was only 24,785, which means there were plenty of empty seats.

On Wednesday, the official attendance was announced at 24,586.  On Tuesday, 24,412.  That’s some pretty startling consistency.  So consistent, in fact, it sounds completely made up.

But this is not the space for conspiracy theories.  Assuming the numbers are correct, how are the Nats doing attendance-wise six home games into the season?

Last season, the Nationals hosted the Houston Astros for their second home series of the season and it too was a mid-week series.  Attendance was 16,245, 17,886, 14,250, and 18,425.  Compared to the the recently completed series against the White Sox, the Nats have seen a pretty dramatic increase in attendance, which was expected considering they won 98 games last season.

Last season, the Nationals averaged just over 30,000 people a game, good for 14th in Major League Baseball.  So far, they’re on pace for an increase, but don’t expect a sell-out streak to start anytime soon.


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