Soriano and the save rule

Davey Johnson opted to use Rafael Soriano last night, the third night in a row, to protect a three run lead in the top of the ninth. Simple question: why in the world is Davey using his best reliever in such a low-leverage situation? Soriano is now unavailable tonight in a critical game against the team’s biggest rival. If the Nats are nursing a one run lead tonight in the ninth-inning, and their best reliever is unavailable, it will be Davey’s fault. Managers need to stop being so wedded to the specifics of the save rule and manage their bullpens in the best interest of the entire team. Davey should have opted for another reliever last night, and saved Soriano for tonight’s critical game. -Justin


4 thoughts on “Soriano and the save rule”

  1. Soriano is the 9th inning guy. He pitches in the scenario unless he is tired (like 3 nights in a row). He might not be needed Friday due to game situation; that would make a decision to rest him last night silly. So far, the Nats have had the “problem” of winning too much. Good thing thing Drew Storen is rested and ready to pitch the 9th inning tonight.

  2. Jason- your response begs the question: why does he have to pitch the ninth inning? Asked another way: why do the Nats need a “ninth inning guy”? If Soriano is their best reliever, they should exclusively use him when he’s needed most. Three runs leads are not hard to protect. -Justin

    1. Justin- Don’t you know, Closers are a different breed. That is why they make so much money. If they were not a different breed then they would not get to have such cool intro music and fun (untuck your shirt) rituals.

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