Davey fooled everyone, Det is not a #5

Everyone will focus on the late inning boondogle in game one of nineteen with the Braves, but the bigger story has to do with the first seven innings.  Leave it to the wily manager to  make the shrewdest move of the season so far.  He set the Nationals starting rotation to go 1, 2, 3 versus the Braves.  Think about that for a second…

In order for you to believe that Detweiler is a number 1, you need to forget what you think you know, and tell me what you see when you watch the Nats pitching staff.  If you are honest about what you see, you will notice the best starting pitcher for the Nats over the last five months has been Ross Detweiler.  To be fair, they did not play any real games during four and a half of those months, but work with me.  When the Nats needed a good start to stay alive against the Cardinals it was Det, and when the Nats faced the Reds, it was Det who came through.  By counting out the days on the pitching rotation on the schedule, Davey ensured game one against the Braves was Detweiler and not Haren.  Oh, sure he gave the line about Haren being the veteran and deserving #4, but I think we now see what he was up to.


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