Nats Score 0 Runs

They scored zero runs. You don’t win games with zero. It has never happened. It is easy to dwell on what went poorly on Sunday. Gio got hit for a very ugly pitching line. Zimmerman continued his stomach tuning plays throwing the ball at third. The most important take away from the game for me was the National’s bats went silent. Will someone please remind me why Arizona had to trade Justin Upton this offseason?

Good news is that I will be in Atlanta this week. My goal will be to document the reasons to hate the Braves (like you need any more).

The worst part about the weekend is the fans turned out to watch that embarrassing display on the field. Oh and trade everyone on the team, they are obviously overrated.


One thought on “Nats Score 0 Runs”

  1. Jason–

    Zero runs, but over 80,000 people for two days of baseball. And they didn’t even give out a bobblehead on Sunday! A decent number of Braves fans in the crowd, but not overwhelming. It seemed like more towards the end of the game, but that’s because the Nats fans tried to beat the traffic. Hard to blame anyone for leaving early.


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