Get To Know Julie Alexandria by Her Twitter Alone


MASN announced on Wednesday that they hired Julie Alexandria as the new dugout reporter. Just a note, can we not call her a sideline reporter, sidelines are in football. She replaces  Kristina Akra who bolted to the MLB network right before the start of the season.  I could look up her resume and view her work on youtube, but what fun is that.  I will review this MASN hire based solely on her Twitter posts.

This Tweet was obviously written  after  leaving the grip of NY City and stopping to get a 72 oz Mountain Dew.  She seems to be good at recognizing bodies of water, which will come in handy when a bucket of Gatorade is “accidentally ” dumped on her head.  I expect her follow up to be something like “Lemon Lime”.  Finally she should make”Sup!” her thing.  Imagine this interview with Jayson Werth after a game winning hit:

“Jayson….Sup….Good hit right.”  Then 3 minutes of dead air as Jayson just looks at her.  Must watch TV.

When did Chad Tracy enter the game?  Oh, Zimmerman is batting .226 and throws the ball into the stands  every other game.

She is obviously anti-science.  Probably doesn’t like WAR or FIP.  Probably vote a Cabrera over Trout


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