Is Matt Harvey Steve Carlton?


Matt Harvey dominated the Nats last night in a conclusive 7-1 win.  The Nationals let their best opportunity to score, a bases loaded, no out situation in the seventh inning, slip away.

The Mets were supposed to be a doormat this season, saved from last place only by the lowly AAAA Miami Marlins.  But the Mets are off to a respectable 8-7 part, thanks in large part to Harvey, who has only allowed 3 runs in 29 innings.  Harvey has 4 of the Mets’ 8 wins.

But the Mets have very little talent.  It’s hard to imagine them finishing with a winning record.  If Harvey continues to dominate, will his season resemble Steve Carlton‘s 1972 oddity?  In 1972, Carlton earned 27 of the last-place Phillies‘ 59 wins.

Great pitcher, bad team.  Now let’s take 2 out of 3.  Seriously, guys.


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