A Review of the Washington Nationals First-round Picks

Anthony Rendon makes his MLB debut today against the Mets today at 1pm.  He is 22 years old.  Rendon was the Nationals’ first round pick in 2011, and he’s making his MLB debut less than 23 months later.  Here is a quick breakdown of other Nats’ first-round picks and how quickly they made it to the big leagues.


Ryan Zimmerman, 3B (4th Overall)

  • MLB Debut: September 1, 2005 (<3 months)–Age 20


Chris Marrero, OF (15th Overall)

  • MLB Debut: August 27, 2011 (<5 years, 3 months)–Age 23

Colton Willems, RHP (22nd Overall–Compensation for Losing Estaban Loaiza to Free Agency)

  • MLB Debut: N/A


Ross Detwiler, LHP (6th Overall)

  • MLB Debut: September 7, 2007 (<3 months)–Age 21


Stephen Strasburg, RHP (1st Overall)

  • MLB Debut: June 8, 2010 (<12 months)–Age 21

Drew Storen, RHP (10th Overall–Compensation for not signing Aaron Crow)

  • MLB Debut: May 17, 2010 (<12 months)–Age 22


Bryce Harper, OF (1st Overall)

  • MLB Debut: April 28, 2012 (<11 months)–Age 19

3 thoughts on “A Review of the Washington Nationals First-round Picks”

  1. The Detwiler appearance wasn’t a true call up. Jim Bowden allowed the new draft pick to pitch an inning out of the bullpen after signing with the team. Strange move, but eventually meaningless. Det started the next year with the P-Nats back in High A

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