Nats Stats (WAR) Week 4

From Fangraphs

# Name WAR
1 Bryce Harper 1.4
2 Denard Span 0.6
3 Ian Desmond 0.5
4 Kurt Suzuki 0.5
5 Adam LaRoche 0.1
6 Danny Espinosa 0
7 Jayson Werth 0
8 Ryan Zimmerman -0.3


Bryce Harper is tied for the best WAR in baseball. Even with the -.8 positional adjustment

Span has been exactly what Rizzo thought he would be.

Werth is the only one that doesn’t pass the eye test.  He has a large negative Positional and Fielding adjustment.  Bat alone places him behind Harper and Desmond.

Espinosa’s glove and position saves him from being truly awful

Zimmerman has been worse than replacement.


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