Pete Kozma and the Nationals from the Cardinal’s TV Side

Pete Kozma, Ryan Zimmerman
Pete Kozma (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

A review of  the Cardinal’s broadcast on Fox Sports Midwest

The game started off with a few swipes at the Nationals and the fan base:

Dan McLaughlin:  I don’t know about you, but I understand it is a cold evening, a little breezy, but I am a little surprised about the empty seats here in Washington. 

Al Hrabosky: With the Cardinals in town?

Then they posted their poll question of the day.  Something to the effect of: Would you tank two seasons if you knew you could get Strasburg and Harper in the draft.  They came to the conclusion that maybe that would be a good strategy for a team like the National, but a team like the Cardinals wouldn’t do something like that.

Then as the boos came out when Kozma was announced at Nats Park:

Dan McLaughlin: Does that surprise you?  There were so many guys to go after, but Pete Kozma?  Belly Laugh

Al Hrabosky: Belly laugh, I love it

Dan McLaughlin: I love it too

Al Hrabosky:  Nothing better than to be in an enemy ballpark and hear boos.  I loved it. 

Kozma floats a hit to right field

Now, Boo some more!


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