Davey Johnson: It’s Time To Get A Little Mad

Adam LaRoche
Adam LaRoche (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Adam LaRoche is killing this team right now. He has historically been a slow starter, but the new cleanup hitter is batting .172 and seems to have a giant hole in his bat. He picked up a what ever you call striking out four times in a game. He is also sitting at a negative win probability, which means the team is less likely to win after he bats; brutal to watch. Last year was the aberration when he had a strong April and carried that team. Tuesday, was the first game in a while that Bryce Harper was not able to leverage his strong game into a win. Davey stated in his post game presser that he would make changes to the lineup tomorrow.


What are the options:


Move Desmond up and LaRoche will drop back.


Harper in the four hole with Desmond at three.


If Davey wants to break the Goon Squad into the lineup we can get a little nuts:


The question floating out there is at what point does Lombardozzi force himself into the lineup. He is batting .357 in limited plate appearances. He also one the AAA version of the Gold Glove when he played two years ago, which pretty much negates the only argument out there to keep Espinoza in there killing any chance of a rally.


Lombo (who is a career lead off hitter) could play 2nd or 3rd and could bat 2nd pushing back Werth to either 3rd or 4th.


Tyler Moore might see time at first for a day game.


Tracy might see time at 3rd


Davey has lots of options. I think the only thing he can’t do is keep the status quo.

Update: Davey announced today on the Junkies that Tyler Moore will start. Not enough.


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