Did the Nationals Call up Anthony Rendon Too Soon?


As the sixth overall pick in the draft, Anthony Rendon figures to be a huge part of the Nationals future. Until now, injuries have slowed his rise to the major league level.

Mike Rizzo surprised nearly everyone by promoting Rendon to the major leagues in April, months if not a full season, ahead of schedule.

It’s exciting to have a talent like Rendon with the big league club. But is it smart? Last night, he sat on the bench while Steve Lombardozzi filled in at third base.

Rendon began this season with only 160 professional plate appearances–barely a third of a season–and only 82 above the A level.

Rendon is a big part of the nats future. He needs at bats, any way he can get them. Perhaps AA or AAA is in Rendon’s best long-term interest.

Photo credit: Washington Post


5 thoughts on “Did the Nationals Call up Anthony Rendon Too Soon?”

  1. Good question. He has not set the world on fire so far with only two hits, but he has not looked overmatched. He sees a lot of pitches per at bats and has hit the ball hard, just right at people. The better question might be is this going to hurt his development as a player? That answer is probably no. It will quiet the clammor for a Rendon call up, and give him a taste of what it will take to succeed in the Majors. When Zim comes back, Rendon goes down. Oh, and, because Rendon came up at exactly the 20 day mark into the season he is not credited with service time and the arbitration clock has not started.

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