5 Annoying Tweets: Jim Bowden

Jim Bowden served as the Washington Nationals General Manager from 2005-09. You’d be forgiven if you blocked this memory and compartmentalized it to your subconscious. Bowden was a mediocre GM who left behind twin legacies of shady international signings and terrible baseball.

In this spirit, I combed through his Twitter timeline to isolate his most annoying tweets over the past few months. Since “resigning” as Nationals GM, Bowden has reinvented himself as a Sirius XM radio host and columnist for ESPN.com. In these roles, he has actually acquitted himself quite well. But he’s still annoying. And when people are annoying, I take them to task.


This reeks of self-congratulation. Jim, we all know you were the GM when Jordan Zimmermann was drafted; there’s no need to celebrate it. This is like a disqualified Olympic runner running his own victory lap in the parking lot during the medal ceremony. This was Jordan’s accomplishment. No need to insert yourself into the process.


Bowden typically confines his Twitter comments to MLB game observations and plugs for his radio program. But when he ventures into personal commentary, he gets annoying. Here, he rubs it in our faces that he’s a Lakers fan, which makes sense because he’s from…Boston? Also, he hashtagged “withSWAG”. I shouldn’t need to explain why that’s a problem.


That’s just sad.


Yes, Jim, Jerry Jones and Mark Cuban delivered very moving performances on Entourage. Oscar-worthy shit. Bowden is either a terrible judge of acting or desperately pining for an invitation to the owners box. Either way: annoying. This leads to…


Bowden is a Cowboys fan too. Seriously. Conclusion: Cowboys fan. Lakers fan. Frontrunner. Terrible taste in music and television. Uses terms like “withSWAG”. There’s nothing good here. Well, maybe one thing:

Suck it Bowden.


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