Henry Rodriguez, Top 8, 28 April

As a sports fan, I relish victories and try to forget defeats. One of the side effects of this coping mechanism of fandom is I overlook great achievements in losing efforts.

The (cough) Hero: Henry Rodriguez

The Situation: Inning 8, Game 4 against the Reds, April 22.

On Sunday, H-Rod managed to almost do something that has rarely been done in the history of professional baseball.  He almost managed to hit himself with his own wild pitch.  To understand how this happened I have broken down the screen caps from the MASN broadcast.


1.  The batter is Corky Miller, whom I wrote about earlier this week.  The count was 3 balls 1 strike.  Miller is batting .125 this year and is a career .188 hitter.


2.  The pitch itself was just a bit outside.  It was so outside that Suzuki had no chance at grabbing it.  The ball hits near the base of the wall right between the hot sauce sign and the curly W.


3.  At this point Rodriguez looks down at the ground and the ball caroms high in the air right back at the mound.  The first people to see this are Suzuki and Corky.  They both yell watch out and point.


4.  Henry ducks and the ball lands less than a foot from where he was standing.  Miller walks (career .188 hitter) and Rodriguez walks the bases loaded before mercifully being taken out, probably for his own protection.


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