Joey Votto Loves Bryce Harper’s Moxie


Ken Rosenthal‘s post game column on Fox Sports was about Joey Votto’s man crush on Bryce Harper. Well, the meetings at South Capital Street and Half Street are quickly filling up. Luckily we have 41,000 folding chairs to pull up nightly.

Rosenthal didn’t approach Votto; the Reds’ slugger and one of the most cerebral players in baseball did the approaching. Some of the pull quotes are insightful and quite frankly amazing to hear from an opposing player.

“I don’t think he can fail,” Votto said. “With his swing and his size, I’m not sure it’s possible for him to fail.” “I’ve never thought a guy was more likely to have long-term success than him.”

Votto then goes into a story about the first Nats / Reds series in Cincinnati earlier this year when the players were challenging each other.

“Hey Bryce,” Votto recalled saying, “hit a home run.” Harper didn’t shy from the challenge. “He said, ‘OK’ — and he homered,” Votto said. “Then I homered. I said, ‘It’s 1-1.’ And then he doubled.”

I can only assume that Harper moved on to the next challenge at 2nd base from former Expos draft pick Brandon Philips (yes, I am still bitter).


6 thoughts on “Joey Votto Loves Bryce Harper’s Moxie”

  1. AFJ. Mandy – I’ve never heard Bryn’s full story of how he came to be with the wild unicorns – maybe that would be a good one for some fan foitcin some time? I’ve not heard tell that any of the animals in Faerie are immortal – but you never know.I don’t think Gabriel was capable of loving anyone at all once he got corrupted and ruined by the Dark Arts – he just used people for his own ends. I’m pretty sure Tania didn’t really love him at all – a person can fool themselves into thinking they’re in love with someone charismatic and attractive and powerful – and I think she just got swept along by him. But wouldn’t it be creepy if she had loved him a bit and if that love was still inside her, sleeping but able to be woken up?

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