Willie Robertson, Duck Dynasty, Adam LaRoche and the Nationals

For those who don’t leave the beltway, one of the biggest stars in the country is Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame.  The season finale of the shows third season beat American Idol on Fox, and Duck Dynasty is a cable show.  The only other cable show that has higher ratings is The Walking Dead.

The star of the show, Willie and his wife Korie were in town from Monroe LA, to attend the White House Correspondents Dinner Saturday night.  Their arrival at Reagan National was chronicled on TMZ.  During the day Saturday they were at Nats Park to watch the home team take on the Reds.

More Nationals, Willie Robertson, Adam LaRoche and Duck Dynasty Might Save the Season (halfstreetheartattack.com)

The reason the Nats game was on the schedule is Adam LaRoche and Willie are aparently good fiends and work on a TV show called Buck Commander together.

What else did they do in town.  Well, they went to Ben’s Chili Bowl.  Notice Drake LaRoche sitting next to his dad, and of course Donald Driver formerly of the Green Bay Packers, and the Neelys from the Food Network.


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