A Debate: Should the Nationals “Stop the Wave”?


Justin: Jason, do you support “stop the wave” movement?  Personally, I’ve never been a fan of the wave, but that’s more for personal reasons.  I just don’t like being forced to stand up, especially if i have a beer or half smoke in my hands.  If 40,000 people want to do that wave, I don’t really care, as long as it’s not in the top of the ninth with the bases loaded in a tie game.  Let’s save the wave for blowouts when the crowd is bored and have nothing to cheer.  Your thoughts?

Jason: The wave is not baseball.  The wave is for mindless drunk football fans.  The fact that people attending Nats games find it fun to do the wave points to how new and inexperienced the fan base is.  They don’t do the wave in St. Louis, they don’t do it San Francisco, they don’t do it in Boston and they don’t do it in New York.  Do you know what those cities have in common…they are winners.  Those cities have a long tradition of baseball passed from generation to generation.  The best evidence of that is most of the people covering the Nationals in the local media are from those cities.  I will go as far to say the wave very well might have caused the Game 5 meltdown.  There I said it.  Kozma, you are off the hook.

Justin: The wave is not baseball, but neither are playgrounds, gluten-free food stands, and Build-a-Bears.  I don’t care about any of those things, but everything has a constituency.  All I’m saying is the wave has it’s place.  The deciding game of a playoff series is definitely not the time and place for the wave.  But if the home team is down 11-1 on a random Sunday in May, it’s probably OK.  It gives the crowd something to do and little kids like it.  In fact, that gives me an idea.  If the Nationals players truly hate the wave, fans should do it as punishment.  If the team falls behind by more than 5 runs, do the wave.  It’s more fun than booing.  Also, I’ve been to San Francisco, St. Louis and Boston.  If you wanna call college chicks in pink Red Sox hats dancing around to a Neil Diamond song “a long tradition of baseball passed from generation to generation” you go right ahead.  SO GOOD! SO GOOD!

Jason: I am glad we have identified common ground in this issue.  The wave should be punishment for poor play.  I guess we have solved that problem.  The problem is that apparently it is the staff of Nats Park that starts the wave.  This is unacceptable.  An organic wave born of boredom is understandable.  A Nat Pack starting a wave as if the game is about them and not the team infuriates me.

Justin: I think we may have isolated the problem. The problem is not the wave, the problem is the Nat Pack. Baseball is not supposed to have cheerleaders.  I can deal the playgrounds and the Build-a-Bears because that’s out of view and away from the action.  But a bunch of team employed idiots dancing around between the crowd and the field of play is unnecessary and insulting to the fans. If this movement leads to the retirement or scaling back of the annoying team sponsored in-game “entertainment”, I’m all for it. I confused now. Do we disagree or agree on this?

Jason:  We agree.  Because I convinced you.

Justin:  That can’t be true.  Because you’re an idiot.


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