Chipper Jones, New Nats Hitting Coach?

Chipper Jones, life long Brave, and future Hall of Fame player parked in the visitors parking lot at Turner Field and worked with the Nationals struggling 1st baseman. It was overheard that they were talking about driving the ball to the opposite field. LaRoche’s first at bat he hit a single to left field.
Remember, LaRoche was a 29th round draft pick of the Braves in 2000 and came up through their minor league system. Adam and Chipper were teammates 04-06 and then again on 09. Thanks Chipper. Which reminds me of Jerry Seinfeld quote about fan loyalty.

Loyalty to any one sports team is pretty hard to justify. Because the players are always changing, the team can move to another city, you’re actually rooting for the clothes when you get right down to it. You know what I mean, you are standing and cheering and yelling for your clothes to beat the clothes from another city. Fans will be so in love with a player but if he goes to another team, they boo him. This is the same human being in a different shirt, they *hate* him now. Boo! Different shirt!! Boo.

Yea Chipper!



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