Suzuki and Ramos Unsung Early Productivity

The Nationals this year have surprising productivity from the catching position.  According to weighted on base average the catching tandem of Suzuki and Romos are two of the top four hitters on the team.  If you are not familiar with wOBA, it tries to accurately factor in the value of an extra base hit better than a simple batting average does (similar to Slugging %, but more statically accurate to true in game value).

Wilson Ramos
Wilson Ramos (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Seeing the wOBA Ramos put up before going on the DL show why having him back in the lineup Tuesday will be a boost to the team.  Suzuki, catching virtually everyday only had .246 wOBP over the last two weeks.  Playing every other day will hopefully keep him sharper at the plate.

Name wOBA
Bryce Harper .502
Wilson Ramos .414
Ian Desmond .354
Kurt Suzuki .339
Jayson Werth .323
Denard Span .309
Ryan Zimmerman .298
Steve Lombardozzi .267
Anthony Rendon .261
Danny Espinosa .252

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