OK, Who Do We Have In Syracuse

If….an outfielder needs to go on the DL for the Nationals, there will be a call to Syracuse.  Lets look at the options:

Syracuse Nationals
Syracuse Nationals (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jimmy Van Ostrand: (28) Signed by the Nats last year after he started the season with the independent Sugar Land Skeeters of Roger Clemens fame.  Batting .283 with a .652 SLG.

Eury Perez:  (22) The speedy international player that has gone all the way through the Nats system and saw some time in September.  He is your Juan Pierre type slap hitter. .333 AVG

Chris Marrero:  (24)  At one time, he was the future of the Nats farm system as a first round pick out of high school in 06, the year after Zimmerman.  At one point he was called a 5 tool player, but that is if you don’t count arm, glove, and speed as tools.

He is clearly the best bat, but he has settled at 1st after washing out of the outfield a few years ago.  Marrero was hurt last year.  He was expected to contribute off the bench before the injury.  Batting .354 with 6 HR.

Corey  Brown: (27)  Would seem to be next in line, but he is currently on the DL.  He came over in the Josh Willingham trade with Henry Rodriguez. AAAA type player did some time in September last year.  One of the best players in the International League last year.  Think Ryan Church.

Micah Owings: (30)  Converted pitcher.  Getting at bats and not embarrassing himself so far in AAA


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