Is This Ian Desmond’s Team?

I think we are starting to witness Ian Desmond‘s emergence as the leader of the this Nationals team.  Davey, moving Desmond up to cleanup spot in the order and his ability to deliver on Wednesday seems like a significant moment for the 13 Nats.  As the game ended yesterday and Desmond completed the 6-3 to cap off Soriano’s eighth save, I noticed Desmond untuck his shirt just like the closer.

Ian Desmond
Ian Desmond (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For the last few years Desmond was mentioned by Rizzo as one of the team leaders.  I remember the surprise from the beat reporters a few years back when he was included in a meeting of obvious team leaders his second year in the majors.  Then, after the team lost Tuesday, Desmond was seen going locker to locker at Turner Field telling his teammates to hang out after the reporters left.  The implication was that the players had a meeting and Desmond led it.

If it were not for Harper being the best hitter in baseball this year, the story of this season, on the hitting side of the things, would be Desmond picking up right where he ended last year.

Derek Jeter, Troy Tulowitzki, Jimmy Rollins Barry Larkin, and Cal Ripken all led or lead their teams from Short Stop.  Desmond is not in that class, but did you see the numbers he put up last year.  After month one, he is on his way to his second straight elite season.


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