How Did Rendon Do For the Nats?

Two weeks ago Anthony Rendon was called up from AA. I made a prediction about what we would see from the Rice product  his first time playing in the Majors.

I think with Rendon, this team will have something from the infield it has lacked, a high OBP type player with occasional power.

Here are the averages sorted by the stat I thought would be his calling card.

Bryce Harper 0.323 0.417 0.457
Anthony Rendon 0.240 0.367 0.304
Denard Span 0.292 0.364 0.321
Kurt Suzuki 0.230 0.333 0.317
Ian Desmond 0.297 0.313 0.362
Ryan Zimmerman 0.226 0.311 0.297
Jayson Werth 0.260 0.308 0.312
Wilson Ramos 0.222 0.300 0.313
Steve Lombardozzi 0.224 0.255 0.240

Rendon, in his short stint, showed he had a propensity to getting on base.  After Thursday’s game, where he went 2/3 with a walk he ends up with the second highest on base % on the team (obviously with a smaller sample size).  He is second behind Harper…which is the ceiling on the team for most hitting categories from now on out.  He even got on base more than Mr. OBPSpan.

His Strikeout % was really high 23.3% of the time (Espinosa territory) .  I think you can chalk that up to seeing the Major League pitching for the first time.  He walked 16.7% of the time, tops on the Nats.  At the plate, he saw 5.07 pitchers per plate appearance.  Those are Jayson Werthian numbers.  This year Werth is averaging 4.22 pitches per at bat.  Rendon would lead the Majors with enough at bats with that type of patience.

Prediction:  I think Rendon fits right in the #2 slot in the batting order.  He probably should start taking grounders at 2nd base.


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