Is Harper Pulling A Robert Griffin III


It is with great pains that I introduce the Redskins into this blog, but I am starting to see some parallels develop between the two brightest stars on the Washington landscape.
The most over documented and talked about story of the last year was RG3s knee injury and subsequent surgery after the Seahawks Playoffs. RG3 re-injured his knee midway through the game, but continued to play. In hindsight, playing through the injury hurt the team.

Harper was injured in game two of the Braves series. Since that point he is 1-10 and does not look 100% on the field. According to reports of his batting practice swings, he looks normal, but his game results are not not. On Friday, he came up with two out and two on in the 8th and struck out. I think it is fair to ask if his being is hurting the team as he recovers from his contusion.


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