John Hirschbeck is an Idiot for Ejecting Harper, but Thank You


So, this is a picture from my seat at Sunday’s Game in Pittsburgh. This is how close I was to all the action as John Hirschbeck kicked Bryce Harper out of game 3 game against the Pirates. I was closer than the Nats dugout. One thing that was hard to tell from the television coverage is how far Hirschbeck was from Harper. 90 feet down the baseline and all the way on the outfield grass. I give MASN credit for immediately getting the extreme overreaction and thin skin as the umpire kept walking and jawing at him.

I attended the game with my six year old son. I purposely got tickets down the 3rd base line so my son could watch his favorite player and I could tell if Bryce’s injury was noticeably impacting his movement in the field. My son even practiced the line he wrote himself, “Bryce, you are playing nice today.” Bottom line, it is uncalled for and unprofessional for an umpire to engage a player the way Hirschbeck did with Harper. He makes the call and then either stands there or walks away. It is not the ump show. I specifically paid to see Harper on Sunday. He is one of the few players in baseball that has that type of draw. As the yelling on the field was going on, the fine citizens of Pittsburgh ware also yelling inappropriate things to Harper. I had to turn around and tell the man behind me to watch his language; his 10 year old kid seemed embarrassed for him.

Now that I got that out of the way…. I have stated for the last few days that Harper is hurting the team while he recovers from the injury he sustained in the Braves Series. I might have even compared Harper to RG3. Wandy Rodreguez, a lefty, was on the mound and Harper is only batting .161 against lefties this year. With Monday being an off day, I half expected Davey to give him the day off on Sunday, he got it anyway.


7 thoughts on “John Hirschbeck is an Idiot for Ejecting Harper, but Thank You”

  1. Some more on Hirschbeck from Wikipedia, if you didn’t know

    “Alomar controversy
    Although most umpires stay out of the public eye, Hirschbeck came to be widely known for an on-field incident on September 27, 1996 in Toronto when Baltimore Oriole Roberto Alomar got into a heated, two-way argument with Hirschbeck over a called third strike. Hirschbeck then ejected Alomar from the game, and Alomar spat in Hirschbeck’s face, claiming that the umpire had used a degrading ethnic slur against him. Lip readers contend that Hirschbeck called Alomar “a faggot” as Alomar was walking away.[2] Alomar, and other players, claimed that Hirschbeck’s personality had been extremely bitter since one son had died from adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) and another son had been diagnosed with it. Having heard Alomar’s remarks, Hirschbeck charged into the Orioles’ clubhouse the next day and he had to be restrained by a fellow umpire. Alomar was suspended for five games and required to donate $50,000 to ALD research. By October 5, Hirschbeck said he had forgiven Alomar for the incident.
    Alomar and Hirschbeck made public apologies to each other on April 22, 1997, standing at home plate and shaking hands in front of the crowd before an Orioles game. “You know, I just wanted to put it behind us,” Hirschbeck said on an interview to the Arizona Republic in 2005. “I said something to him once and it just flooded out how sorry he was.”
    Hirschbeck and Alomar joined forces to raise awareness about ALD and to raise funds for research. They came to regard each other as friends. When asked about the incident at his retirement in 2005, Alomar said, “That, to me, is over and done. It happened over nine years ago. We are now great friends. We have done some things with charity. God put us maybe in this situation for something.” Alomar later made a donation of $252,000 for research on adrenoleukodystrophy.”

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