The Nationals Have a Low BABIP

Watching Adam LaRoche lately, post Chipper film session, it is clear that the hole in his bat got smaller. The problem for Adam is everything he hits seems to be right at someone.   Ken Rosenthal on Saturday tweeted out the ranking of teams with the lowest Batting Average on Ball In Play teams so far this year.  A normal BABIP is .300.  Last year the MLB median was .297, the Nats finished the season .308.  What this all means is that the Nationals are not as lucky this year as last year.  Balls seem to be hit right at people , and that  key hit just hasn’t happened.  Saturday’s game was the first one for me that felt like last year.  Instead of trying to hold onto a lead, the Nats did what it took to score the winning run late in the game.  Oh, LaRoch has a BABIP of .196 this year.  Yikes!


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