Hirschbeck should be suspended

I should move on. But Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post just tweeted that MLB is reviewing yesterday’s game to determine if suspensions are appropriate, which is standard. So if MLB is not yet ready to move on, neither am I.

Suspend Hirschbeck. I don’t care how long, just give him something.

Umpires are supposed to be the professionals on the field. They are not competitors. Yesterday, Hirschbeck acted like a punk. He took the situation and escalated it. He walked toward the player to verbally engage him. He tried to mock him by throwing his hands above his head in imitation. He made an ass out of himself and cheapened the product on the field.

Hirschbeck has been a umpire for 29 years, but he acted like a child.

I’d like to have umpires who act professional so I don’t even have to think about them the next day. Either that, or robot umpires, which is both entirely possible and another subject for another day.


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