I can’t let this rest. Harper and Hirschbeck Day 3




What was the reaction among Bryce Harper’s peers after the Washington Nationals’ left fielder threw up his hands and tossed his helmet and bat Sunday when he was on the strikeout end of a check-swing call by third base umpire John Hirschbeck?

The unanimous answer among the players I questioned: Harper, who was ejected, was wrong.

This surprised me because I thought more players would side with Harper. But his histrionics were too much for players to defend.

“John is one of the good umpires,” one veteran player said. “He (Harper) shouldn’t have done that. It was a little too much, especially when he threw his helmet and broke his bat.”


Obviously, this “Veteran” didn’t see the play.  Harper did not break his bat.  The histrionics were on the side of Hirschbeck not Harper.  This “Veteran” player obviously sides with team Cole Hamels, and points out the bias Bryce still has to deal with.


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