I thought we got rid of Anibal Sanchez last year

One of my happiest days last year was July 23rd when the Marlins traded Anibal Sanchez out of the division.  Sanchez is a pretty good pitcher, against the Nats he is all world.  Tuesday, he makes his return to mound in DC as a member of the Tigers exceptional pitching staff.  In this strange two game series the Nats might consider themselves luck to avoid 2011 AL MVP Matt Verlander and strike out machine Max Scherzer.

Sanchez is a career 3.66 pitcher with a 7.76 strike out per inning rate.  Against the Nats the last two years he has a 1.84 ERA with a 10.33 strike out rate.  If he could figure out a way to pitch all his games against Washington he would have multiple Cy Young Awards.

Sanchez has never lost to the Nationals, but to be fair he racked up a lot of those victories when the Nationals were strategicly positioning themselves to draft Harper and Strasburg.  I picked the last two years because those years are the most relevant to the current line up; if I were to go back to 2010 his numbers are even better.  By the way, this year Sanchez is matching Verlander pitch for pitch and leading the baseball in pitching WAR.


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