The Nationals are insulting our intelligence

A few minutes ago, I saw this tweet and it made me angry:

Tonight’s rain-delayed game against the Tigers will be made-up Thursday at 4pm.  Ticket holders for tonight’s game cannot exchange their tickets for another game–they must attend the make-up game.  Fans unable to attend Thursday–it is during the work day for most people–will either waste their ticket or take a substantial loss on the secondary market.  Tickets are currently as low at $7 on StubHub.

This is completely unreasonable and an insult to fans.  But now that they’ve insulted us, they’ve decided to insult our intelligence.  The Nationals are implying they are now so popular, they don’t have room to accommodate 20K+ extra fans within the rest of their schedule.  Well, let’s see if that’s true.  Here are the attendance figures for the last nine Nationals Park weekday games:

  • Wednesday, April 3 vs. Marlins — 26,269
  • Thursday, April 4 vs. Marlins — 25,123
  • Tuesday, April 9 vs. White Sox — 24,412
  • Wednesday, April 10 vs. White Sox — 24,586
  • Thursday, April 11 vs. White Sox — 24,785
  • Monday, April 22 vs. Cardinals — 27,263
  • Tuesday, April 23 vs. Cardinals — 29,986
  • Wednesday, April 24 vs. Cardinals — 33,694
  • Thursday, April 28 vs. Reds — 24,748

That’s a lot of empty seats.  Implying otherwise exposes the Nationals true motivation.


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