Buster Olney thinks the Nationals new rain-out policy is “terrible”

The Nationals local PR nightmare has become a National PR nightmare.  ESPN’s Buster Olney took to twitter this morning not once, not twice, but three times to blast the Washington Nationals and their short-sighted and insulting rain-out ticket policy.

Olney brings up a very good point. This is not only a terrible public relations decision, it is a terrible business decision. Fans, myself included, will be much less likely to make advance purchases .

The Nationals are still very far away from nightly sell-outs.  A savvy organization would promote fan-friendly policies to fill the empty seats.  This is a self-inflicted wound.


One thought on “Buster Olney thinks the Nationals new rain-out policy is “terrible””

  1. What’s even more outrageous about the whole thing is that when I purchased my mini plan that included last night’s game back in February, the Nationals Park ticket policies included rainchecks for postponed games. Suddenly, at 4:00 p.m., just before they postponed the game, and well after I purchased the tickets, the policy was changed to preclude the issuance of a raincheck. The Nationals need to tread very carefully here… there’s a lot of lawyers in DC, DC has some extraordinarily strong consumer protection laws, and this seems to be a pretty textbook consumer fraud (buy a ticket subject to one term and condition then change the condition to make it less favorable to the buyer post-purchase).

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