Gloating over Craig Kimbrel’s failure

Things I enjoy: Rooting for the Nats and gloating over Atlanta Braves failure.

So, it is with great delight and much pleasure that bring you highlights from the Reds/Braves 9th inning last night.

And now the man of the hour in the man on the mound, Craig Kimbrel looking for career save number 100…would become the second youngest to reach that level.

First batter Jack Hannahan

Strike 3 called on three pitches, Kimbrel has his first out….always good to get that first guy

Next up, HSHA favorite, Corky Miller The Nationals, The 1900 Reds, and Corky Miller is Fantastic

He stuck him out (with inflection) Getting a little too excited now.

Mesoraco is the last hope from Cincinnati ..Asking a lot to come off the bench and catch up to one of these heaters….fly ball, center, Upton leaps, he can’t get it.…30 seconds silence…………..

Reds Celebrate

And now you have to worry about Choo………high fly ball left center field its deep and the Reds have won the game.

Sirens…Fireworks….Chaos….Mob at home plate….Braves sulk….A chorus of Chooooo….me happy.


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