Tigers’ Fans Hate Denard Span

I had no idea that the AL Central hated Denard Span so much.  I was surprised how happy White Sox fans were about him being out of their division.  Now after reading Tiger’s fans reaction, I think I misjudged the Span trade.  I thought it was a good trade, I just wasn’t sure I liked losing Morse’s bat from the lineup.  Turns out, Span might have won a “who would you never like to play again?” contest from AL Central fans.  We know he has captured the imagination of Nats fans 


Another reason to hate playing in the National League (other than no DH, endless pitching changes and overrated managerial strategy) is the Tigers had to face Span. He showed why Tigers fans despised him as a Twin when he led off the bottom of the third by tripling into to the right field corner. It looked as if there might be a play, Span stumbled rounding second, but the relay was off line. Of course it was off line. It was Span on the bases.





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