Ross Detwiler: Inventing a new way to pitch

Ross Detwiler
Ross Detwiler (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

Ross Detwiler pitches a lot of fastballs. I mean, a historical amount of fastballs. Looking at the chart below, it is Detwiler, Colon, then there is 50 feet of David Justice trying to put a dollar bill into a soda machine then everyone else.

# Name FB%
1 Ross Detwiler 90.8%
2 Bartolo Colon 89.4%
3 Shelby Miller 74.2%
4 Lance Lynn 73.9%
5 Wily Peralta 72.9%
6 Justin Masterson 72.6%
7 Zach McAllister 72.3%
8 Gio Gonzalez 72.1%
9 Vance Worley 71.4%
10 Wade Miley 70.9%

Last year, Detwiler pitched fastball 80% of the time.  Looking deeper into the Pitchfx numbers it look like 46% of his pitches are four seam fastballs(same as last year) and 44% are the two seam variety.  He has a pitch selection that is very unique.  The only other pitcher in baseball this year that pitches a bigger % of fastballs than Det is Kenley Jansen, a reliever.  Aroldis Chapmen slips in his slider about 15% of the time.


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