Soriano’s possible third year with the Nationals


Nationals closer Rafael Soriano has two guaranteed years on his contract though next season. 2015 is a team option worth $14 million according to Baseball Reference.

One interesting wrinkle: Soriano’s third
year becomes guaranteed if he finishes 120 combined games in 2013 and 2014. 120 sounds like a lot but it’s actually pretty plausible.

Soriano finished 54 games last year with the Yankees, but remember he didn’t begin the year as the Yankees closer. Mariano Rivera finished 9 games before his injury. Overall, Soriano appeared in 69 games.

Soriano has already finished 15 games this season, on pace for 71 untuckings. At this rate, the Nationals will be paying $14 million dollars to Soriano in 2015.

2015 is the year Jordan Zimmermann, Ian Desmond, Tyler Clippard and Ross Detwiler hit their last year of arbitration. Strasburg and Drew Storen hit their second to last.

Better get that MASN dispute figured out.


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