Strasburg needs a mentor


Stephen Strasburg needs to man up.

Better yet, he needs someone to tell him to man up. He needs a mentor; someone to remind him he’s an ace.

Strasburg’s body language and inability to concentrate after Zimmerman’s error probably cost him the game. Anybody watching could see it. It was remarkable actually, because prior to the Zimmerman error, Stras was crushing it. After one miscue, he completely fell apart mentally, and then physically.

I’m not here to blame Zimmerman. He does need to figure out his throwing motion, but one error with the bases empty and two outs should never cause a team to lose.

I am here, however, to blame Strasburg because he’s letting his ten cent temperament get in the way of his billion dollar arm.

So, he needs a mentor. Unfortunately I get the feeling he doesn’t have one.

The Nationals are still basically an expansion franchise. They don’t have old players like Jim Palmer or Orel Hershiser just hanging around the clubhouse. If the Orioles or Dodgers had a similarly troubled young player with similar all-world talent, you’d have to think a Hall-of-Famer in the clubhouse would be helpful.

Strasburg needs someone to relate to. Davey Johnson was a second baseman. I never saw Steve McCatty pitch but I doubt he had Strasburg’s stuff. He needs a mentor he can relate to.

I think it’s impossible to imagine the pressure that comes with Stephen Strasburg’s potential. Only a handful of men in the world know. It’s too bad the Nationals are such a new team, and don’t have one of them just hanging around.


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