The Goon Squad: First to Worst

Last year the Nationals were very good at pinch-hitting. The team had an average of .288 with an OBP of .367. That ended up better than the total team averages of .261 and .322. They were so effective in that roll they were allowed to develop an endearing nickname for themselves (scuffling players don’t get nicknames.) The Washington bench ended up with the best hitting pinch hitters in baseball. They were a crucial part of the team, and one of the many reasons why the Nats exceeded expectations last year.

This year is a different story. Pinch Hitters from the Nats are only batting .149 AVG and .213 OBP. They are the worst ranked National league team.

The pinch-hitting is so poor this year Gio, Dan Haren and almost Stephen Strasburg (Silver Slugger for pitchers last year) are individually hitting better than the collective goon squad.

Interesting note: The Oakland A’s have a disproportionate amount of pitch hitters compared to all American League clubs. I think we found the new Brad Pitt sequel.



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