Danny Espinosa hates taking pitches

Danny Espinosa
Danny Espinosa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Danny Espinosa sees the least amount of pitches per at bat in the National League at 3.25;  the only player in MLB worse than him is something called a Trevor Plouffe.  This number, as with most ancillary hitting stats only matters when he is hitting below the Mendoza line with not enough power to justify the numbers.  This year, we can no long pick on Danny for his high strike out rate.  While, no one confuses him with a contact hitter, he is outside the top 100 in strikeouts this year. Desmond is ranked for 9th lowest, but he is batting .300 and hitting for power so he is cool, see how that works.

Note: Just for comparison of styles, Anthony Rendon saw 5.07 pitches per at bat.  He has the highest rate in the MLB with over 30 at bats.


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