How are the Nats so good? It’s a miracle!

You may think I am joking, but it is an actual question.  A look at the position by position ranking of the Nationals this year compared to the rest of baseball is a scary proposition.  These are the numbers of a last place team.  Below is any up ranking by position according to WAR.

Position Ranking WAR
C 19 0.4
1B 30 -1.7
2B 26 -0.05
SS 3 1.3
3B 24 -0.4
RF 29 -1.1
CF 19 0.7
LF 17 0.3
OF 23 1.1
Starters 7 3.8
Relievers 15 0.9

Some of the numbers that jump out:

Every position is below average except for Desmond’s performance at SS

Over half of the position players are bottom third in baseball

The first base position of LaRoche and Moore is the worst in baseball

Pitching is ranked seven overall and over the last 30 day has the best ERA

The bullpen is exactly average.

If it were not for great pitching and an exceptional shortstop, this team would be dreadful.


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