If the Nats and Astros swapped position players the Nats would be in 1st place by 3 game

This is actually not a joke. The Nationals cumulative position players have been bad this year. If Rizzo were to pull off a complete trade for every position player on a probable 100 loss team and pared them with the current pitching staff, the Nats would be 4 games better. Below is the combined production by position for both teams.

Position Nats WAR Astros WAR
C 0.4 1.1
1B -1.7 -0.4
2B -0.05 1.5
SS 1.3 0.3
3B -0.4 0.1
RF -1.1 0.5
CF 0.7 0.3
LF 0.3 0
Sum -0.55 3.4

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