I would like to vote for putting Suzuki as your #2 batter

The number two position in the Nats order is not doing what it needs to do.  Until Werth gets back I have a modest proposal.  There is a player that best matches what you want from a number two batter.  But to do that, you need to get over a bias against catchers.  The template for a catcher is big, lumbering, maybe some power. Think Wilson Ramos.  Kurt Suzuki is something different this year.  He is athletic and this year has shown some wheels on the basepath.  I went to the running component of WAR and sure enough his is the 3rd best baserunner on the Nats after Desmond and believe it or not Zimmerman.

The other trait you look for in a top of the order player is the ability to see a lot of pitches per at bat.  Suzuki is averaging 4.21 pitches per at bat.  That is tied for 20th in MLB and virtually tied with Werth for the team league.  Bat Suzuki 2nd.  There I said it.


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