Nationals Park Opera in the Outfield


Tonight Nationals Park hosts Opera in the Outfield, a simulcast of the Washington National Opera’s live performance at the Kennedy Center. Tonight’s performance is Showboat.

I attended last September’s Opera in the Outfield, a performance of Mozart’s Don Giovanni.

There are few ways to actually set foot on a Major League Baseball field. The most conventional way is to possess world class athletic talent, get scouted and drafted by a Major League Baseball franchise, and then spend years practicing your craft in the minor leagues.

The easiest way is to attend Opera in the Outfield. It’s completely free.

Last September, the event was well-attended, but the outfield grass was not overcrowded. There was plenty of room to lay out on a blanket and relax without somebody breathing down your neck. If my memory serves me correctly, the event staff allowed coolers for those who planed ahead. A few concession stands were open for those that didn’t.

Tickets to an Opera at the Kennedy Center are pretty expensive. Watching it from the outfield at Nationals Park is free. And you can go to the bathroom whenever you want without feeling like a jerk.

And you get to hang out on a major league field. That’s pretty cool.

Pictures from last September:






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