Steve Lombardozzi really hates taking pitches

Steve Lombardozzi, Jr.
Steve Lombardozzi, Jr. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Update: He is up to 3.04 last in MLB

I thought Danny Espinosa was unique in not taking pitches

Danny Espinosa hates taking pitches

Turnes out Steve Lombardozzi is making Espinosa look like a chump.  This year Lombo is averaging  2.98 pitches per at bat.   How low is that: 181 out of 181 of batters with 75 at bats.  In other words, he sees the least amount of pitches in MLB. The last time any major league position player finished with less than an average of 3 pitches per at bat was 2008 when someone named Pablo Ozuna did it.  To put that into perspective, just standing there would average 3.  He is on pace for something historic.


7 thoughts on “Steve Lombardozzi really hates taking pitches”

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  2. Hi Folks, This is overdue, so apgeooils in advance. Sue’s earlier post jogged my memory, Byron Kerr had this terrific interview with Rick Schu, the Nats overall hitting instructor, a couple a weeks ago about the surprises and news from the Intructional league.Hopefully, the Hagerstown & Potomac crowd can fill in the blanks.#1) Steven Souza was THE star of the Florida Instructional League, which was a huge surprise. He just turned 21 this year!#2) Stephen King is one of the best defensive talents in the entire Nationals system, which is something I didn’t know. I’ll look forward to hearing from the rest of you. As we all know, they were both suspended this year for substance abuse. I really don’t know more than that.

  3. two ex-Giants to add to bench IF the rotation of ruagelr 8 changes with Dunn and Kennedy departure. Mike Fontenot and Fred Lewis add to mix. RogBern surely should get more ABs with a shift for Willingham. |Morse, Ian, Espinoza, RogBern are a nice mix. But, just WHO could be the greyhound to play CF with Nyger??? Rizzo will find out

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