Davey Johnson’s Pointed Comments on Ryan Mattheus

Davey Johnson didn’t pull any punches (see what I did there) sharing his feelings on Ryan Mattheus ending up on the DL on the Junkies on 106.7 during his weekly spot.

Some quotes:

“I want to choke him to death” (Good ice breaker)

“I have been on him because he is an emotional player, sometimes these guys think that its appropriate   I have been on him for over a year to say it is not appropriate”

“They write songs about, You make me so sad, or so this or that.  You can not be at the mercy of things around you.  He just goes off the chart..”

“That irrational and awful. Its like getting knocked down, you get back up.  You don’t knock yourself against the wall.  Maybe that sound good to some people, but that don’t sound good to me”

Mattheus uses Katy Perry as his into music to calm himself down on the mound.  He found if he used rock music he would get to amped and over throw.


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