Not To Pile On Danny Espinosa but…

Danny Espinosa
Danny Espinosa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Danny Espinosa has not been good on this road trip, below are his stats for the last 14 days.  He is literally an automatic out.  It would be one thing if this team were hitting the ball and scoring lots of runs, but on a team that seems to only manage a few runs a game.  His failure is magnified because the chances to score are so few.

Danny Espinosa 48 2.10% 37.50% 0.06 0.087 0.106

I am not sure what is the most startling stat:

The K rate is is unbelievably bad, unless you watch the games, in which you are surprise it is so low.  Chris Carter of the Astros has a higher K rate, but he also has a .400 OBP during that time.

The batting average starts with a point zero.  Dee Gordon of the Dodgers is batting one one tick bellow Danny and he also plays a middle infield position.


5 thoughts on “Not To Pile On Danny Espinosa but…”

  1. and I’ll lose my beer-gut without givnig up beer. If the Nationals could find a way to merge the two players (Souza’s bat with King’s glovework), they might have a real player. But in the real world, they’ve got a 3B that can’t field, and a MI that can’t hit. Oh, and while I’m on the subject of can’t hit’, will somebody please explain to me why the Nationals re-signed Adam Fox (BA Transactions, Nov. 1-8)??

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