The Strange Drop In Bullpen Strikouts: Is P2C>P2K?

The Nats bullpen has seen a significant drop in strikeouts compared to last year.

K/9  this year is 7.5, 5th worst in baseball compared to an 8.21 last year.

The drop is even larger if you measure over the last 30 day.  Nats are 6.22, 2nd to worst in baseball.

This matters if you are a big proponent of FIP, which theorizes that the pitcher can only control three things: Home Runs, Strikeouts and Walks.  The batted ball is a function of luck and defensive skill of the team.  What you can deduce from this is that the bullpen is relying on the Nats defense, and this year that defense has allowed the most number of unearned runs.

There are two  pitchers from the bullpen last year that is exceeding his K/9 over last year: Stammen and Mattheus.

Clippard and Storen and Henry Rodriguez are both less.

The difference has been Dukes (6.0) and Soriano (6.43)  replacing Gonzalez (9.84) Burnett (9.05) and Grozelanny (7.51)

Is P2C > P2K …so far it doesn’t seem like it



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