Jeff Kobernus Was a Tiger This Year and What to Expect

So, what do we know about Kobernus:

He was drafted by the Tigers in the Rule 5 draft this year and almost made the team out of spring.  They invisioned him platooning with Andy Dirks in left field.  Why did they see a MLB position for him on the American League champion, when the Nats had him playing in AA?  They liked his speed.  Last year Kobernus stole 42 bases in 82 games.  Matt Tuiasosopo beat him out for the last spot on the roster, so he was returned to the Nats right before the start of the season.

Kobernus was part of the Strasburg / Storen 2009 draft.  He was picked in the 2nd round out of Cal Berkley.  

This year the Nats have made an effort to turn him into a utility player like Lombo.  He has played all over the diamond in Syracuse, 2nd, 3rd, LF, and CF.  He is batting .333 and already has 21 stolen bases.  He could be fun to watch.




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