Has Drew Storen been demoted?

It looks like Drew Storen has been demoted.  Not to AAA–to mop up duty.

Davey Johnson is a manager with a clear pecking order in the bullpen.  When the season opened, it was very clear who did what.  Soriano was the closer.  Storen and Clippard were the 8th innings guys.  Stammen and Mattheus were the 6th and 7th inning guys.  Duke and H-Rod were the mop-up guys.

Drew Storen was usually used in the highest leverage situations.  As a former closer, this seemed appropriate.  But Storen has struggled in that role lately.  He has allowed runs in 4 of his last 7 appearances prior to today, earning 2 blown saves and a loss.

In Monday’s game against the Orioles, Storen was given his lowest leverage situation yet this season, a ninth inning appearance down 6-2.  When Storen entered the game, the Nationals had just a 1.2% percent chance of winning according to Fangraphs win probability.

Maybe this a one time thing to give Storen some confidence.  But until Drew shows some consistency, here’s one vote for Clippard and Stammen when the Nats are nursing a one-run lead.


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