Orioles and Nationals by the numbers

Nationals logobaltimore-orioles-alternate-logo-2009-present

The Orioles and Nationals are allegedly rivals.  We know they are rivals because some executives at Major League Baseball say so.  Thus, they begin the first of four games against each other today.  Here is a breakdown of the two baseball

franchises.  For these purposes, I am not counting Orioles games before they moved to Baltimore and Nationals games before they moved to Washington.

All-time Record

Baltimore Orioles: 4805-4590

Washington Nationals: 616-728

All-time record versus

Orioles: 23-19

Nationals: 19-23

Playoff Appearances

Orioles: 11

Nationals: 1

2013 Payroll

Orioles: 90.2 M

Nationals: 116 M

2013 Average Attendance

Orioles: 26,399

Nationals: 32,990

2012 Total Attendance

Orioles: 2,102,240 (20th)

Nationals: 2,370,794 (14th)

Metropolitan Area

Baltimore: 2,753,149 (20th)

Washington: 5,860,342 (7th)

2012 Revenue

Orioles: $206 M

Nationals: $225 M

Franchise Value

Orioles: $618 M (17th)

Nationals: $631 M (14th)

Bryce Harpers

Orioles: 0

Nationals: 1


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