Denard Span should be a platoon player

The Nationals have lots of problems.  Tyler Moore, Roger Bernadina, Danny Espinosa, Steve Lombardozzi, and Chad Tracy have all been worse than replacement level at the plate.

But Denard Span is a problem too.  Look at his splits.

Span Splits

Against left-handed pitching this season, Span is batting below .200, with an on-base average below .300 and a .216 slugging average.  These numbers are terrible, and they’re hurting the team.

Overall, Span has been a great addition.  He’s generally been getting on-base and playing great defense.  But against left-handers, he’s a part of the offensive problem.

Denard Span should be a platoon player.  Ideally, he would sit against left-handed starters and Bryce Harper would shift to center field.  In another universe, maybe Michael Morse takes Spans spot in the lineup.  But in this universe, Morse is playing in Seattle because the Nats “didn’t need him.”

Even when Harper and Werth return, there’s no one to take Span’s place.  Moore and Bernadina have demonstrated they’re not up to the task.  The Nationals lineup is thin, and the runs scored thus far prove it.

The Nationals hitting problems are worse than you think.


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