The #Nats Are a Bad Hitting Team

It is getting tougher to and tougher to watch this team.  I love a good pitched game, and the Nationals starters have been fantastic this year, ranking as the 3rd best starting staff based on ERA.  On the offense side of the game, this team is really bad.  With Harper out of the line up (he leads the team in every offensive category except doubles) the team is borderline unwatchable.  Here is where the Nats rank in the National League:

Category Rank
Average 13
Doubles 14
Tripples 2
Home Runs 11
Runs 13
RBI 13
Walk 11
SO 13
wOBA 14
OBP 14
SLG 14
OPS 14

To summarize  this team doesn’t hit for average or power, doesn’t get on base and strikes out a l0t.  If it were not for the Marlins (a team that decided not to compete at the Major League level this year) and in some cases the Mets, the Nats would be last in every hitting category.  Yesterday, the team rolled out a corner outfield hitting .152 and  .121.  At what point do heads roll and new guys get a shot.  Calling Cory Brown and Chris Marrero.


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